The first global real-time financial settlement network


Ripple’s growing network includes payment originators, financial institutions and liquidity providers. An alternative to today’s global payment infrastructure, Ripple’s distributed financial technology enables banks to efficiently transact with one another to settle cross-border payments in real time.

This allows originators to lower their total cost of cross-border payments, banks to offer new products and services to their customers, and liquidity providers to access new corridors. For ease of implementation, we work with system integrators and technology partners to connect a bank’s existing infrastructure and Ripple.


Originators are the source of payments, those who transmit funds and initiate transactions. Ripple sources competitive FX rates, ensures certainty of settlement and offers immediate confirmation of receipt of funds, even with multiple intermediaries. This speed and certainty eliminates the need to pre-fund foreign accounts and improves working capital management.

Financial Institutions

With Ripple, financial institutions can process real-time international payments for retail and corporate customers, with the option of leveraging FX liquidity from external liquidity providers. This means that banks are not required to hold capital in nostro accounts for all global currencies. It also reduces settlement risk, eliminates delays and lowers the total cost of settlement.

Liquidity providers

Liquidity providers on the Ripple network allow banks to offer cross-border payments without having an internal FX trading desk. Ripple enables banks to increase their reach in a capital-efficient manner and gives liquidity providers access to global payment volume.

System Integrators & Technology Partners

System integrators and technology partners facilitate the connection between financial institutions and Ripple’s network. They can provide banks with consulting, plug-and-play products and turnkey solutions that fit within their existing infrastructure.

Customer Testimonials

ATB Financial – Reisebank Real Money Transfer

Watch a live transaction of $1,000 from ATB Financial in Canada to Reisebank in Germany, taking place over the Ripple network.

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Santander Launches New Payment App With Ripple

Santander becomes first U.K. bank to use Ripple for real-time cross-border payments, through its new mobile application.

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