Improve international payments for your customers while lowering your total cost of settlement

A Superior Transaction Banking Experience

Banks join Rippleā€™s global settlement network to send cross-border payments in real time. Ripple eliminates time delays and ensures certainty of settlement, resulting in new revenue opportunities and lower transaction costs for banks and their customers. Using Ripple, banks can meet the growing demands for faster, low-cost, on-demand global payment services for any ticket size and offer better overall customer experiences.


distributed financial technology

Direct bank to bank settlement

distributed financial technology

Instant settlement

distributed financial technology

Real-time traceability of funds

distributed financial technology

Lowest total cost of settlement

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Customer Testimonials

ATB Financial – Reisebank Real Money Transfer

Watch a live transaction of $1,000 from ATB Financial in Canada to Reisebank in Germany, taking place over the Ripple network.

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Santander Launches New Payment App With Ripple

Santander becomes first U.K. bank to use Ripple for real-time cross-border payments, through its new mobile application.

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