Liquidity Providers

Access the world's first distributed FX marketplace

Access Global Payment Volume

Liquidity providers facilitate cross-border payments and settlement by holding funds in different currencies at Ripple-connected banks. The participation of liquidity providers allows originators and financial institutions to settle cross-currency transactions in real time. Liquidity providers access global payments volume for Ripple-connected banks without an in-house FX trading desk. Liquidity providers allow banks to eliminate the need for credit lines or nostro accounts as well as lower their counterparty risk. With a global FX marketplace, liquidity providers can access new corridors, allowing them to diversify and better manage their global FX risk.

Benefits for Liquidity Providers
  • Access to global payments volume for Ripple-connected banks without in-house FX trading operations
  • Access to a wide range of global corridors allowing liquidity providers to diversify their FX portfolio for superior risk management

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