Streamline international payments with real-time confirmation, competitive FX and complete certainty

Lower Total Cost of Settlement

Originators initiate payments and cross-currency transfers on the Ripple network. Corporations, traders, and investors originating and receiving payments use the existing system that is costly, slow, and uncertain. As a result of the uncertainty, payment originators currently have to pre-fund accounts at foreign banks for regular international payments, increasing their working capital requirements. Originators are usually locked into a FX rate provided by a single liquidity provider as a result of the correspondent banking network. Ripple can provide real-time settlement capability with complete visibility and certainty of payments in a competitive FX marketplace for the lowest total cost of settlement for originators.

Benefits for Originators
  • Ripple provides complete visibility into fees and FX rates, while minimizing the risk of payment failures
  • Settlement takes seconds on Ripple, eliminating the frustration and risk of confirmation delay
  • Ripple lowers the total cost of sending and receiving payments through direct settlement, and increasing competition among liquidity providers

Looking to Lower Your Payments Costs?

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