Use Case

Retail Remittances

Low-cost remittance services for consumer clients


Consumer clients associate international wire transfers with high costs and a frustrating customer experience. These consumers are seeking alternative, low-cost remittance options with complete transparency into cross-border payment fees and delivery confirmation. With Ripple, instead of directing resources towards fielding customer support calls and investigating payment errors and failures, banks can focus on expanding the remittance revenue opportunity.

New Revenue Opportunities

Ripple’s fee pre-disclosure, status tracking and payment confirmation enables banks to provide a low-cost remittance service to attract new clients with an improved customer experience.

Demo: Low-cost Retail Remittances


Low-cost remittance service

High payment processing rates

End-to-end tracking and fee pre-disclosure for a better client experience

Cost Savings

For an average retail payment size of $500, banks can save 60 percent in total processing costs.

Key Cost Saving Drivers

Payment processing cost
Higher Straight-Through Processing rates
Elimination of SWIFT costs

Treasury operations cost
Lower in-flight capital
Lower liquidity cost
Lower counterparty risk

Reconciliation cost
Instant confirmation
Real-time liquidity monitoring

Cost Savings per Category

Payment processing



What Customers Are Saying

“We view blockchain as a competitive advantage that allows us to provide differentiated products, serve the on-demand expectations of our existing clients, and grow our customer base. For example, using the Ripple solution, we are working on a new commercial payment service for retail customers that will allow them to send money from China to the U.S. and other countries in real-time.”

— Andrew Fang, General Manager & Head of Innovation and Research at Shanghai Huarui Bank

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