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Ripple is a revolutionary distributed payment system created by Ripple Labs Inc. The Ripple network is accessible through a web browser, and smartphone apps will soon be available.

Ripple Benefits

Free-ish fees

Most payment networks charge merchants a fee of 2% or more for accepting payments. This cost gets passed on to the consumer. With Ripple, sending and receiving money is virtually free, whether you're sending pennies or millions.

For everyone

Other payment networks refuse some people and merchants, close accounts without warning, and freeze funds for extended periods of time. No approval is necessary with Ripple. Anyone can create an account, accounts cannot be closed, and your funds cannot be frozen.

Safe and irreversible

Many merchants avoid doing business internationally because payments can be reversed when a customer disputes a charge. As a result, merchants charge honest customers extra to compensate. Ripple saves everybody money because payments are irreversible. Merchants can safely accept payment from anyone on the planet, and no payment processor can claw the money back.

Cross-currency transaction

Other payment networks charge high fees for cross-currency transactions. The Ripple network includes access to a world wide currency market which automatically provides the best available rates.

Fraud proof

Other payment networks require the customer to give the merchant private information in order to charge their account, such as a credit card number, expiration date, and a secret three digit code. Anyone who has this account information can now make fraudulent charges. Ripple is different. With Ripple you send money directly to the merchant, just like you spend cash. The merchant never gets the private key information needed to take money out of your account.


Ripple makes goods and service cheaper by enabling worry-free international payments, providing the solution to fraud, and eliminating fees.

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