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Released: April 12th, 2014

Hotfix release

  • Submit Ripple address when requesting outbound bridge quote
  • Display custom error message from outbound bridge provider


Released: before March 18th, 2014


Released: March 12th, 2014

Hotfix release

  • Added pathfind performance tracking
  • Fix UI issue with no-ripple flag on trust tab


Released: February 3rd, 2014

  • Lot of UI changes in trade page. (Now it shows your orders in green on order book).
  • Disable ZipZap integration.
  • Send page only shows accepted currencies by the receiver.
  • Rewritten rpAmount filter.


Released: January 17th, 2014

  • Ripple-lib double notifications bug fix
  • Send, Convert: Show last path update in seconds.
  • Add Russian, Japanese and Roman languages.
  • Trade: Should be able to trade currency issued by me.
  • History: Don't show sequence update transactions.


Released: January 10th, 2014

  • No reserve checks for the first trust line.
  • Add Catalan and Hebrew languages.
  • Show Rippling in balance and history.
  • Fixes on offer_cancelled notifications.
  • rpAmount precision fix.
  • Cash in SSN field fix.


Released: January 9th, 2014

  • Add Norwegian and Slovak languages.
  • Allow decimals without leading zeros in any amount input.
  • Better differentiation between buy/sell on balance, history pages.
  • Simplify web client building.


Released: January 7th, 2014

  • Add German language.
  • Update currency names.
  • Fix mobile menu.


  • Cash in tab proxy upgrade.
  • Config file local storage extend fixes.


Released: January 6th, 2014
Ripple Now Multi-lingual, Supports Cash Deposits and More

Important note for developers: When updating an existing copy of < 0.2.42, please run rm -rf build/ in addition to npm install to clear your build directory. Otherwise you will get an error.

  • Add Cash in tab (ZipZap integration)
  • Add 4 new languages including Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese via transifex
  • Switch to bower
  • Remove extraneous dependencies
  • Update to Angular 1.2
  • Show executed order prices in balance and history tabs.
  • Switch e2e tests to Protractor
  • Show available balances in Trade tab
  • Show failed transactions in history
  • Show if the order has been canceled after partial execution in history


  • Add Internationalization support.
  • Add translations for Chinese and Italian.
  • Add cash in tab.
  • Add "Allow Rippling" checkbox on trust tab.
  • Add a new (trust_change_no_ripple) effect on jsonRewriter.
  • Add a new event tracker for "send confirmation time".
  • Fixes in ripple-lib (Robust Transaction Submission).
  • Fixes in ripple-lib (Orderbook resubscribe after the server reconnect).


  • Default currency pairs: XRP/BTC -> BTC/XRP.
  • Options: statistics checkbox fix.
  • Trade: Fix currencies on orderbook.


  • Separate buy/sell widgets for trading.
  • Fill trade widgets on orderbook order clicks.
  • Default base currency in trading is XRP.


  • Mobile scrolling smoothness fixes.
  • Notification fixes on convert and trust tabs.
  • Send tab Ripple URI fixes.


  • CSS: Switch to Bootstrap 3
  • CSS: Responsive menu and mobile styles
  • Federated bridges support (Outbound bridge APIs)
  • Multi server websocket connections
  • Travis CI
  • Trade tab has been moved to the top menu
  • Added 'add destination tag' link on send tab
  • Added unit tests


  • Bug fix


  • Error message fixes


  • Fix Trust tab listening to wrong event.
  • Fix send with destination tag issue


  • Fix send with destination tag issue (#1067)


  • Fix send to unfunded accounts issue (#1062)
  • Fix security tab (#1066)


  • Fix XRP send issue (#1053)


New features:


  • Changes to amount field validation (more precise error messages)
  • Use new path finding API: path_find
  • Websocket support for older firefox versions
  • Ripple URI for ripple wallet

Bug fixes:

  • Sending to non-existent accounts restricts currency to XRP
  • Don't allow XRP trusts
  • Make sure account has at least some funds when placing a trade order. (Fixes #198 & #259)
  • Fake login bug fix
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