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Developers around the world are innovating on one of the world’s fastest, most sustainable and consistently reliable public blockchains—the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

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The XRP Ledger and its native digital asset XRP were designed for superior speed, low cost, scalability, and sustainability. These characteristics allow developers and entrepreneurs to seamlessly transform existing applications and unlock entirely new user experiences across payments, DeFi, NFTs, identity, foreign exchange, tokenization, and more.
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Explore—a site for the XRPL developer community with tools, docs, events and more.

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About RippleX

RippleX is a team that champions the builders of tomorrow by providing XRPL developers the infrastructure, tools, services, programs, and support that helps them to advance the solutions and innovation needed to enable businesses, consumers, institutions and governments to fuel the engine of a new digital economy.

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We collaborate with the wider XRPL community to propose technology upgrades, host events, sponsor hackathons, and more.

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RippleX operates on the belief that realizing the Internet of Value hinges on how easily new technology works for more people, and how effectively we can change the way the world operates today.

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Calling innovative builders who want to contribute to and support one of the world’s fastest, most sustainable and reliable public blockchains. Come make an impact with us.

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