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NOVEMBER 16-17, 2022


SWELL 2022

Together we can transform how the world moves, manages and tokenizes value.

The sixth annual Ripple Swell Global conference was held on November 16-17 at Magazine London. The event featured networking opportunities and discussion topics such as the future of cryptocurrency and the effects of CBDCs on global financial inclusion.

Watch 2022 Highlights

Welcome to Ripple Swell Global - Opening Remarks from Ripple CEO Brad GarlinghouseBrad Garlinghouse, moderated by CNBC’s Karen Tso
Adapt or Risk Being Left Behind - Why FIs Should Embrace CryptoAlex Manson, Pat Thelen
Crypto Regulation in the United Kingdom: What's Next?Jess Houlgrave, Susan Friedman
How Blockchain Is Scaling Carbon Markets to Reach Global Climate GoalsSteven Witte, Reilly O'Hara, Mark Herrema, Ken Weber

Featured Speakers