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Ripple API Documentation: ‘Try it’ Before You Buy It

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At Ripple, we prioritize the customer journey at every interaction point. As we strive to offer a best-in-class experience, we have taken a fresh look at our Ripple Payments API documentation experience. Ripple Payments services are accessible globally 24/7, and we are committed to providing continuous technical support through our documentation hub at Developers who use this resource can now experience it in real-time. Recently we added an exciting new feature called "Try It" to the API documentation, which we are thrilled to introduce to our customers today.

The interactive “Try it” feature is available on the Ripple Payments API , Smart Liquidation Service API, and Report Service API reference documentation pages. The Try it option allows any reader to send simulated API requests to any endpoint and receive a response from a mock server without having to log in, provide authorization tokens or transfer real funds.

Try it offers a handy tool for API developers in different ways:

  • Development teams evaluating our technology solution can send API requests to a mock server and receive realistic responses without signing in or getting API credentials.

  • Developers who are getting started on their integration journey can learn more about the API from the reference docs while quickly testing how a specific endpoint will respond without leaving the doc page they are on.

Using the Try it Feature

Here are some quick instructions to use the Try it feature on the `GET /fees` operation of the Ripple Payments API: 

  1. Go to the API reference page for the GET /fees operation at 

  2. On the right panel, click the “Try it” button.

  3. Expand the Security tab and enter any string in the Authorization text field.

  4. Expand the Parameters tab to edit query parameters.

  5. Click Send. 

  6. The panel automatically updates to display the success response from the endpoint.

A Lightweight Testing Tool

Previously, developers who wanted to test Ripple Payments APIs had to wait for the contracting process to wrap up so that they could receive access to retrieve API credentials. The introduction of the Try it feature removes this barrier to entry and offers a lightweight testing tool that developers can access at any time. This can help accelerate integration time frames and enable independent testing prior to going live.

Examining the response from the mock server gives the developer a solid understanding of how Ripple APIs structure responses, how pagination works for endpoints that return arrays of objects, how amending request parameters impacts the response and more. These capabilities set up developers for success when they start integrating with Ripple Payments

What’s Next?

The Try it feature is now live and available for testing in the Ripple Payments API , Smart Liquidation Service API, and Report Service API reference doc pages. 

The product docs team is working on enabling this feature on the Ripple Payments Direct API reference doc pages soon. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Contact the team to learn more and get started today.

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