Opening Access to Finance

Ripple allows everyone to participate
in the global economy.

“With Ripple, we can deliver a superior banking experience at a fraction of the time and cost.”

-Matthias Kröner, CEO of Fidor Bank AG

With Ripple's real-time settlement infrastructure, Fidor can offer its customers instant international money transfers through existing products, and offer international settlement services to other European banks.

Integrate Ripple for settlement

“Ripple APIs plug my business into a global, real-time asset exchange.”

-Marco Montes, CEO and founder of

With, people in the U.S. can pay for their families' utility bills in Mexico instantly, for a nominal fee, with no Mexican bank account required. Ripple powers the currency exchange and movement of money in real time.

Build a business on Ripple

“Ripple uniquely affords market makers the opportunity to reduce the cost of remittance for people everywhere.”

-Cristian Gil, GSR Markets

For more than a decade, Cristian traded commodities for Goldman Sachs. Now, on Ripple, Cristian and hundreds of other market makers around the world provide liquidity for global payments. Ripple grants anyone direct access to retail FX flows and enables market makers to trade traditional and alternative assets (like gold and bitcoins). It's the first globally accessible asset exchange.

Trade on Ripple