Who owns Ripple?
No one owns Ripple. Ripple is an open source protocol created for anyone to build on top of or use.

Ok, then who are you?
We’re OpenCoin, the organization that first built the Ripple protocol. We maintain this site to explain and promote it, but we don’t own or control it.

What is a ripple?
A ripple is a unit of the native currency that exists in the Ripple network. A ripple, also called XRP, is a digital currency that cannot be duplicated or falsified.

How many ripples (XRP) are there?
When Ripple started there were 100 billion ripples in existence. This number is slowly decreasing because, as a security measure, each transaction destroys a tiny fraction of a ripple. Don’t worry — even with the whole world using Ripple, it will take thousands of years to destroy all the ripples. You can see the exact number of ripples at the Live Network Graph.

How are you guys going to distribute the ripples?
We are giving away billions of the ripples in a variety of ways. The goal is to spread the ripples as evenly as possible among the people of the world. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

How do I get ripples (XRP)?
We will be announcing the details of our early giveaways over the next few weeks via our email list. If you would like to find out about the giveaways as they happen, please sign up for our email list on our homepage.

How is Ripple different than Bitcoin?
See ripple for Bitcoiners.