Beholden to Our Network Overlords

All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Houston we have a problem. What would you say if I told you that our interaction with information, networks, and technology is undermining the economy, democracy, and the very fabric of society? And what if I told you that the solution is smarter payments?

Why Payments Matter

Neil deGrasse Tyson
On the topic of virtual currencies and peer-to-peer payment protocols, a common question among casual observers and skeptics alike emerges: Why does any of this matter?

Taxes Made Easy: LibraTax Joins CrossCoin Ventures

CrossCoin Ventures, the digital currency accelerator working with Ripple Labs (at arms length), is proud to welcome the program’s first inductee, LibraTax. Founded by Jake Benson, the startup has been developing a software suite aimed at providing crypto-tax and accounting software—which will be released by September, just in time for extended tax season.

A Place to Trade Your Secrets

Luke Cyca
The cool thing about creating open tools and platforms is that you’re never quite sure how people might use them—like, a marketplace for “secrets” built by Luke Cyca.

Welcome Brandon Wilson to Ripple Labs

Brandon Wilson
There’s been a bit of a buzz surrounding the recent arrival of software developer Brandon Wilson to Ripple Labs, mainly due to what he’ll be working on—smart contracts.

In the Pursuit of Transparency

Bank Vault
With the crypto-community still trembling from the aftershocks of the MtGox collapse, the emergent theme has been one of transparency.

5 Questions For St. Louis Fed Economist David Andolfatto

David Andolfatto
David Andolfatto, Vice President at the St. Louis Fed, made a splash last week with his bullish presentation on the rise and future of cryptocurrencies, part of the district’s “Dialogue With the Fed” events series. We caught up with Andolfatto to ask him a few questions.

Welcome Susan Athey to Ripple Labs

Ripple Labs is proud to welcome noted economist Susan Athey to its Board of Directors. Athey, who was previously an advisor to the company, is Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Can Bitcoin Lift Botswana?

Known as Botswana’s first Bitcoiner, Akalanani Itirleng believes the borderless cryptocurrency can lift her people—even if it isn’t quite there yet. As a dreamer and a survivor, her story is grounded in maternal resourcefulness and fueled with unabashed idealism. It also begins with tragedy.
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