Introducing Ripple Client: the iOS App

Ripple Labs just launched Ripple Client, the iOS app available in the App Store for free. The app enables Ripple users to send and receive money, as well as view their transaction histories from their iOS devices. For developers, Ripple Client serves as a reference app.

Mobile payments is one of the most interesting sandboxes for developers to build in right now. Ripple offers devs an entirely new, IP-based, open-sourced, global payments infrastructure on which to build front-end apps. Ripple developers have the opportunity to break new ground in mobile payments.

Here’s a walk-through of the Ripple Client iOS app.

Log-in screen

When you launch the app, you’re prompted to sign in. If you don’t already have a Ripple Wallet, you can easily create one in your mobile browser.

photo 1


Home screen

Once logged in, the app’s home screen features a simple navigation menu with three core functions of the Ripple Client: send money, receive money and view history. The home screen also displays your current balances.

photo 2

Send money

To send money, tap “Send” from the home screen. You can either select a Ripple address from your list of saved addresses, manually enter an address or scan another wallet’s QR code, which you can find in the “Receive” section of a wallet.

photo 3

After entering an address, select in which currency the recipient should receive your payment. You cannot send or receive XRP from within the app, in accordance with Apple’s App Store guidelines. If you click XRP within the app, you’ll redirect to the Ripple Client within your mobile browser.

photo 4


Then, enter the amount you’d like to send.

photo 5


Finally, select in which currency you’d like to pay.

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Receive money

To receive money, tap the “Receive” option on the home screen. From here, you can view your Ripple address, copy it to your clipboard or view your address as a QR code.

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View history

To view your transaction history, tap “History” on the home screen.

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We hope you find the app useful and have fun with it. As always, we welcome your feedback and we’d love to hear your ideas of what you might build! The Ripple Forum is a great place to get advice from and bounce ideas off of other developers. If you’d like to learn more about how we built the app, check out Steven’s post.

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