Introducing Ripple Price - Ripple Labs’ iOS App for Real-time XRP Pricing


We’re excited to introduce the first iOS app produced by Ripple Labs – Ripple Price! Available for free in the App Store, Ripple Price offers real-time Ripple (XRP) prices based on popular currencies currently supported by the Ripple network.


image (2)

By tapping a trading value, users can see XRP pricing in the given currency by Gateway, as well as 24-hour trading volume for the Gateway.

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We’ll add more currency options to view over time. We welcome your requests, so please leave them in the comments thread! We’re also working on other mobile apps for Ripple, so stay tuned.

About Monica Long

Monica Long is director of communications for Ripple Labs.

One thought on “Introducing Ripple Price – Ripple Labs’ iOS App for Real-time XRP Pricing

  1. You need more information about how to fund a Ripple Wallet. I have a business and I am interested in accepted digital payments via the Ripple network but I can’t even get my own personal wallet funded. How do you do this? Your website says that you get free XRP when you activate a Snapswap account but I created an account at Snapswap and there is no way to fund your Snapswap account either. It is very confusing, please advise me of somewhere that I can go to fund my Ripple Wallet. Thanks!


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