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Apex 2022: Meet the Keynote Speakers

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Today, Ripple and the XRP Ledger Foundation are thrilled to announce the 2022 keynote speakers for Apex: XRPL Developer Summit. Back in Las Vegas for its second year, the event brings together developers, contributors and thought leaders in crypto to learn, build, share, network and celebrate all things XRP Ledger (XRPL).

This year’s lineup includes leading voices from the XRP Ledger community, with additional speakers to be announced on a rolling basis.

Thomas Silkjaer, Head of Analytics and Compliance, XRP Ledger Foundation

Thomas has been a key figure in preventing fraud, theft, and scams on the XRP Ledger for nearly half a decade. Thomas's XRPL analytics and data sources remain the standard for exchanges, law enforcement and other stakeholders seeking regulatory compliance. Thomas joined the XRP Ledger Foundation in 2022 and now works as the Head of Analytics and Compliance.

David Schwartz, Co-Creator, XRP Ledger

Back by popular demand, David Schwartz (aka “JoelKatz”) will take the stage at Apex for not one but two sessions. As one of the original architects of the XRPL and CTO of Ripple, David has cemented himself as one of the most respected voices in the crypto community. He’ll take the stage for the event’s opening keynote and a fireside chat with NFT artist Jessica Ragzy.

Jessica Ragzy, NFT Artist

A contemporary artist, entrepreneur and LEGO MASTER, Ragzy is taking back ownership of her creations through NFTs, which can help like-minded artists and creators with access rights. Ragzy will take the stage with David Schwartz for a fireside chat exploring why she chose to mint a series on the XRP Ledger with a native DEX built to support the tokenization of any asset.

Julian Vergel de Dios, Co-Founder and CTO, Heirloom

Taking the stage to discuss tokenized identity and verifiable credentials is Heirloom co-founder and CTO Julian Vergel de Dios. He brings to Apex experience from PocketList and was part of the founding team at Gem (acquired by Blockdaemon). We look forward to hearing about how Heirloom, which builds tools for enterprises to easily enter Web 3, utilizes the XRPL.

Wietse Wind, BDFL, XRPL Labs

Active in the XRPL since 2016, Wietse Wind returns to Apex 2022 to champion the blockchain’s efficiency, accessibility and on-ledger functionality. A programmer by trade, Wietse first began developing code and tools for the XRPL community before founding XRPL Labs in 2019, through which he publishes open-source libraries and consumer applications on the XRPL.

N. S. Nappinai, Advisor, XRP Ledger Foundation

Ms. N. S. Nappinai is an advisor to the XRP Ledger Foundation with more than 30 years of law experience specializing in Constitutional, Criminal, IPR and cyber laws. She has given an inspirational TEDx talk and presented to various government committees. We’re honored to bring her expertise to Apex, where she’ll explore crypto policy and regulation.

Join the XRPL Community at Apex

Apex will take place from September 6-8 and will cover topics related but not limited to CBDCs, DeFi, interoperability, NFTs, programmability, security and custody, and XRPL core development and infrastructure.

Attendees will hear directly from the developers, validators and projects contributing to the growing XRPL community—including open-source projects funded through the XRPL Grants program.

Interested in learning about the latest features, applications and developments built on the XRP Ledger? Secure your spot today by heading to and follow @RippleXDev or @XRPLF for updates on how to get involved.

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