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Exploring Home Equity Lending and Settlement with CBDCs

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In May 2023, Ripple and Fubon Bank were selected to demonstrate a use case for the settlement of tokenized assets as part of the e-HKD Pilot Programme for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). In partnership with Fubon Bank, Ripple is pioneering a groundbreaking Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) pilot designed to streamline access to excess property equity for Hong Kong citizens. The pilot leverages the Ripple CBDC Platform for the creation of a hypothetical e-HKD.

The consortium of partners supporting Ripple and Fubon Bank on this project as part of e-HKD Pilot Programme includes:

  • KodeLab: A full-service Digital Assets consultancy, offering clients advice and resources under 4 pillars: Engineering Risk, Regulatory Structure, Process Micro & Macroeconomics

  • TOKO: an award-winning regulated end-to-end virtual asset services platform at the forefront of the growing tokenisation industry, solving the inefficiencies of today’s capital markets.

  • Hex Trust: Hex Trust is a fully-licensed digital asset custodian that provides solutions for protocols, foundations, financial institutions, and the Web3 ecosystem.

  • BCW: An enterprise solutions firm and venture studio dedicated to building Web3 infrastructure and large-scale applications that connect and interact with the on-demand digital universe.

  • Stratford Finance: (Operational, Fintech, Blockchain and Regulatory Advisor) Stratford Finance provides consulting and advisory services to financial institutions and service providers on emerging technologies, regulatory policy and market conditions.

This innovative solution explores home equity lending by combining a hypothetical e-HKD (CBDC) as a settlement asset with tokenized real estate and advanced finance lending protocols, leveraging technology to revolutionize the lending landscape.

Accelerating the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Process: A Seamless Online Experience

The marriage of digital innovation and traditional banking processes allows users to embark on a seamless journey towards unlocking the untapped equity in their properties.

In the proposed solution, Fubon Bank, Ripple and its partners are employing state-of-the-art technology to provide a novel Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) pilot project for Hong Kong citizens. This transformative process begins with Fubon Bank securely minting hypothetical e-HKD, supported by a ledger fortified with robust multisig functionality.

  1. Loan Application: In the proof of concept, simulated access to the HELOC function could be granted to customers through the bank’s application. Upon acceptance, a hypothetical e-HKD wallet is automatically created, and a tokenized version of the property lien is allocated to the user. This lien token is then transferred to the loan protocol, facilitating disbursement.

  2. Flexible Fund Drawdown: In the proof of concept, users could gain 24/7 control over hypothetical e-HKD funds, with real-time availability in their wallets.

  3. Seamless Repayment: In the proof of concept, repayment would occur at the users’ discretion or via an automated function, transparently accounting for real-time interest accrual. Repayments are prioritized, enhancing financial security.

  4. Closing the Facility: In the proof of concept, upon full repayment, users could choose to close the facility, releasing the lien token back to a bank wallet for potential reuse.

Benefits of using a hypothetical e-HKD/CBDC for Settlement of Assets

The integration of a hypothetical e-HKD into the HELOC facility potentially offers numerous advantages. Users benefit from a streamlined online platform that provides quick loan approvals and 24/7 access to property equity. They also gain transparency and control through real-time data on Loan-to-Value Ratios (LVR), available funds, and interest accrual.

From an operational perspective, the solution enhances efficiency with end-to-end cryptography, guaranteeing auditable records, reducing manual processes, and enabling real-time reporting.

Key Insights from the e-HKD Pilot Programme

The journey of innovation Fubon Bank, Ripple, Kodelab, TOKO, HexTrust, BWC and Stratford Finance have collaborated on has delivered a number of key insights:

  • Addressing Demand for Tokenized Real Estate Equity: There is substantial demand among Hong Kong consumers to convert property equity into liquid assets.

  • Interoperable Tokenization: A potential e-HKD facilitates transactions, reducing friction and risks in loan fulfillment.

  • Commercial Bank Empowerment: Commercial banks could effectively set up, manage, and monitor lending protocols.

  • Lien Tokenization: Tokenizing mortgage liens is a pivotal step towards broader property deed tokenization within closed ecosystems.

  • CBDC Model Flexibility: The HELOC use case could potentially operate in various CBDC issuance models, making it adaptable to economic and policy considerations.

Exploring the Future

The ongoing pilot focuses on creating a working Property Tokenization and HELOC use case, with plans to expand based on findings. Potential developments include full property title deed tokenization, extending the pilot to broader lending markets, and exploring international applications.

For further details regarding the pilot, you can access our white paper, design paper, or expanded document describing the innovative project.

Stay tuned as Ripple and Fubon Bank alongside an expert consortium of partners pave the way for universal access to liquidity through tokenized property, transcending borders and limitations.

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