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Fostering Genuine Connections with the Able at Ripple ERG

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Ripple SVP of People, Places, and Communications, Kiersten Hollars, is the executive sponsor of the Able at Ripple Employee Resource Group (ERG). Kiersten has a long history in tech and has seen major growth in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts in the industry in the past ten years.

She highlights the role that ERGs play at Ripple in celebrating cultural differences and educating and connecting different communities. These groups create a space for healthy dialogue around identity that might not come up in a typical work conversation which can develop a deeper sense of belonging in the workplace.

“My vision for an inclusive culture at Ripple is for everyone to feel like they’re having an impact every day,” notes Kiersten.

She’s learned a lot as executive sponsor of this ERG including how to support employees during the pandemic as well as other recent tragedies. From office closures and zoom fatigue to limited childcare and cabin fever, the challenges to daily life for the past two years have not gone unnoticed, and individuals globally have been affected one way or another.

The month of May recognizes the importance of mental health, a key focus for Kiersten and the Able ERG, especially as the pandemic has impacted wellbeing worldwide. The group aims to drive awareness and education of the community, including factors that may contribute to stress and mental health.

Kiersten notes this ERG has taken the lead in advocating for employee resources. “They come up with amazing, creative ideas to help the company, to help the team, and I’m here to support them however I can.”

Ripple has consistently prioritized physical and mental health for employees, especially since the two are so interconnected. Benefits like wellness reimbursement, industry-leading parental leave, and weekly wellness programs like yoga. In tackling global adversity challenges, leadership has continued this support by recognizing mental health breaks as sick days, incorporating benefits like company-wide R&R holidays and personalized online mental health care through Modern Health.

In addition to the benefits offered on a corporate level, feeling accepted and supported by peers, managers, and executive sponsors at Ripple can foster stronger teams through genuine understanding of individual perspectives and the ingenuity that stems from the collaboration of diverse ideas.

“It drives so much more productivity. It gives you access to a broader depth of talent and helps generate creative ideas,” says Kiersten. “The thing that excites me the most about coming to Ripple every day is the team. I’m so proud of the team that we’ve built here, and I love working with them.”

Learn more about becoming a part of the Ripple team and joining the DEI conversation.

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