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Investing in Towo Labs

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XRPL Access for Hardware Wallets

At Xpring, we have explored new use cases for XRP and sought the opportunities and challenges with existing use cases. We often ask ourselves, “Where can you spend XRP?” “What can you do with XRP?” and “What are the options to use XRP in a secure and accessible manner?”

Such questions have helped us identify usability as a top challenge for crypto users. Today, the range of crypto custody solutions available can vary based on a user’s level of comfort, control, frequency of use and tolerance for multi-factor authentication tasks. Cybersecurity experts offer solutions for securely storing keys, but balancing ease of access is still a challenge.

We are thrilled to announce that we have invested in Towo Labs, which develops open-source software for full support of XRP on hardware wallets. Towo Labs will give XRP holders the ability to leverage all transaction types on the XRPL in a secure format addressing the usability issue faced by crypto users.

We’re particularly excited to work with Towo Labs whose talented team was behind the launch of the XRP Toolkit, which enables users to manage their keys and execute any transaction type on the XRPL from the Secalot wallet. Towo Labs plans to release an update to the XRP Toolkit so users can enjoy a trustless, non-custodial XRP Ledger web interface, support for all 17 XRP Ledger transaction types and complete hardware wallet support.

We are confident in the team’s vision to add all transaction types to leading hardware wallets, including Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X and Trezor T, and look forward to seeing these projects unfold.

To stay updated on Towo Labs’ releases, follow @TowoLabs and @xrptoolkit on Twitter.

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