New Team Members Join as Ripple Approaches Open-Source

We’re growing our team to accelerate progress on the Ripple Network. Our biggest focus right now is open-sourcing the code, and that milestone is just around the bend! To keep pace with the fast-moving work, we’ve welcomed four new members to the team. Please meet:

MeEvan Schwartz, Engineer

Role: Technology pioneer

Credits: Recent Brown University graduate with a BA in Political Economy and Education. Built the Alcohol Genome Project.

Favorite things: Cooking, hosting dinner parties (which led to founding the Brown Conversation), dancing salsa

Why he joined: “What attracted me to work on Ripple was the possibility of combining software development with the political and economic questions I’d explored in my college studies.”

Nik PictureNik Bougalis, Engineer

Role: Open-sourcing Ripple, core improvements

Credits: More than 15 years professionally developing software, working on everything from user interfaces to kernel-mode drivers. Highlights include developing a cross-platform distributed encrypted storage solution, HDD and SSD acceleration software for Windows, a compact stereo camera, and contributing to various open-source projects, mostly related to IRC.

Favorite things: Computers, art, motorsports, reading

Why he joined: “Although in the past few years we’ve seen more and more interest in digital currencies, those currencies have largely been self-contained islands and boating from island to island can be slow and cumbersome. I’m excited to be a part of the Ripple team because I have the opportunity to help federate all those islands together, opening up new opportunities for consumers and businesses and helping drive adoption of digital currencies.”

JonJon Holmquist, Community Manager

Role: Spreading easy-to-understand information about Ripple

Credits: Long time Bitcoiner. Worked with several other Bitcoin startups.

Favorite things: Poker, Minecraft, Bitcoin, Ripple, Reddit, and unnecessary LED lights

Why he joined: “I’ve struggled for years getting merchants and businesses to embrace Bitcoin. A huge amount of merchants now do accept Bitcoin… but the bigger issue facing BTC adoption is the infrastructure to allow consumers to purchase Bitcoin. I did not initially believe in Ripple’s ability to co-exist alongside Bitcoin… but now I think that Ripple is the only way that Bitcoin will ever be able to grow.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.21.38 AMMonica Long, Director of Communications

Role: External and internal communicator across all channels

Credits: More than eight years in public relations, first agency side, working on Prosper for a time, and then in-house at Intuit.

Favorite things: Traveling, food and wine, the Steelers

Why she joined: “It’s been an aspiration of mine to work on something significant, something that really changes the world for the better. I think Ripple will do that.”
We’re growing quickly and are hiring for more positions. We’ll share more updates on Ripple soon.