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NFT Partner Spotlight: CrossTower

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This Ripple Insights series spotlights the NFT marketplaces and infrastructure providers partnering with Ripple’s Creator Fund. Together, we are helping to accelerate the creator economy and inspire new business models on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Next up in the series is Kapil Rathi, CEO at CrossTower, a global Web3, crypto and NFT marketplace making cryptocurrency and digital assets available to all.

Building Together

Q: Tell us about CrossTower and how it enables its users and creators.

A: CrossTower is a crypto and NFT marketplace founded in 2019 that operates in the US, India, and Bermuda. Its goal is to make digital assets accessible to both retail and institutional market participants. CrossTower provides an easy-to-use NFT marketplace that allows companies, sports teams, celebrities, entertainment studios, artists and creators to launch their NFT projects on the XRP Ledger with ease. By leveraging its expertise in trading, technology, operations, regulations, and compliance, CrossTower empowers its users and creators to explore the possibilities of NFTs.

Q: How does the company collaborate with Ripple?

A: CrossTower partners with Ripple to help creators and companies who are not experienced or well-versed in launching NFT projects. We have a dedicated team of engaged developers and visionaries to guide many of the newcomers to NFTs.  We provide an easy-to-use platform and easy-to-understand guidance as to how to make an NFT platform successful. 

Q: What’s next on CrossTower’s roadmap?

A: CrossTower is actively working on incorporating AI into its marketplaces so that customers have unique, personalized experiences that are consistent with their needs.

Q: CrossTower has committed to integrating the XRP Ledger for its users. Can you share more on why the XRPL’s performance advantages make it ideally suited to support CrossTower’s mission?

A: CrossTower and XRPL share the common goal of building a sustainable future and reducing energy usage in real-life NFT projects. XRPL offers fast and cost-effective transaction processing, as well as a commitment to carbon neutrality. These factors make it an ideal partner for CrossTower in its mission to provide accessible NFT solutions.

Additionally, the XRP Ledger offers robust security features, scalability, and efficient settlement times that are critical for supporting CrossTower's goal of providing a seamless NFT experience for its users. The XRPL also provides a highly flexible platform for NFT creators and artists, allowing them to launch and manage their projects with ease, without worrying about technicalities. The combination of these advantages and CrossTower's experience in trading, technology, regulation and compliance make it possible for the company to provide a comprehensive NFT marketplace that is accessible to both retail and institutional participants.

Q: What use cases will CrossTower help to unlock once integrated with the XRP Ledger?

A: CrossTower aims to bring NFT projects with real-life utilities to globally recognized celebrities, including music artists. These NFTs could include "NFTs as tickets" or opportunities to meet favorite celebrities, build incentive programs, create gaming, digital twins, increasing efficiency and customer experiences and decreasing cost and fraud. By offering these unique features, CrossTower is helping to unlock new use cases for NFTs.

Q: What’s one takeaway you want readers to know about CrossTower?

A: CrossTower is a comprehensive platform for NFT enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of products and services for institutional market participants. Our user-friendly platform provides a seamless experience for companies that want to incorporate NFTs into their strategies. With 24/7 customer support, advanced technology and a commitment to regulatory compliance, CrossTower is dedicated to making digital assets accessible and secure for everyone. 

Learn how you can launch your NFT project on the XRP Ledger or visit CrossTower for more information.

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