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NFT Partner Spotlight: Ethernal Labs

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In this new Ripple Insights series, we will get acquainted with the NFT marketplaces and infrastructure providers partnering with Ripple’s Creator Fund. Together, we are helping to accelerate the creator economy and inspire new business models on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

First up in the series is Adrian Baschuk, founding partner and CCO at Ethernal Labs, which is building groundbreaking IP to unlock the benefits of blockchain for global brands, studios and artists. 

Building Together

Q: Adrian, in your own words, what is Ethernal Labs, and how does the company collaborate with Ripple?

A: Ethernal Labs is a multidisciplinary creative and technology studio leveraging web3 technology to develop groundbreaking IP, including the upcoming PFP collection and P2E game, the Exorians Universe, and bring global brands, studios, and artists onto the blockchain. Ripple participated in Ethernal Labs’ $20M seed round (alongside Algorand, Polygon Studios and more) to help established celebrities and household brands enter the NFT space and bring the benefits of the open-source XRPL into the gaming and metaverse spaces.

We are incredibly excited for Ethernal Labs to be a partner of Ripple's Creator Fund. This partnership allows us to bolster the Web3 ecosystem by bringing NFTs and digital assets to the masses through the XRP Ledger and custom partnerships and collaborations.

Q: How do you foresee this access impacting creators?

A: The partnership between Ethernal Labs and Ripple will bring NFTs to a larger audience and bolster Ripple’s NFT strategy by providing creators with access to a proven NFT platform. Plus, Ethernal Labs can provide industry-leading support for all things NFTs across the XRP Ledger community. 

Why XRP Ledger?

Q: Ethernal Labs previously announced plans to integrate the XRP Ledger. Can you share more on why the XRPL’s performance advantages make it ideally suited to support the company’s mission?

A: Through this partnership, Ethernal Labs is excited to offer NFTs from globally recognized rights, licenses, IPs, brands and individuals to a broader audience in an easy, fast and secure way. Until now, NFTs have been largely siloed, excluding some users. This enables further expansion of the NFT universe. 

Q: What use cases will Ethernal Labs make possible once integrated with the XRP Ledger?

A: Ethernal Labs is collaborating with Ripple on bringing world-renowned brands and IP to the XRP Ledger community. One way the integration begins is by creating customized collections with leading artists and IPs coming soon. We’ll see an exciting mix of launches giving the XRPL community access to a wide range of white-label experiences—stay tuned!

Q: What’s one takeaway you want our readers to know about Ethernal Labs?

A: The Ethernal Labs team has created NFTs from some of the world’s highest regarded brands and individuals, including Lionel Messi, Shaquille O’Neal, Bruce Lee, DeLorean Motor Company, Toys R Us and many others. Ethernal Labs will introduce its vast roster of IP into the XRP Ledger community by creating one-of-a-kind, white-label sites where users can purchase these limited collectibles minted as NFTs on the XRP Ledger.

To learn how you can launch your NFT project on the XRP Ledger with Ethernal Labs, visit or Ripple’s Creator Fund.

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