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NFT Partner Spotlight: Mintable

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This Ripple Insights series spotlights the NFT marketplaces and infrastructure providers partnering with Ripple’s Creator Fund. Together, we are helping to accelerate the creator economy and inspire new business models on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Next up in the series is Dr. Patrick Chin, CMO at Mintable, an NFT marketplace that allows users to seamlessly create, buy, and sell digital items using fiat or cryptocurrency. 

Building Together

Q: Tell us about Mintable and how it enables its users and creators. 

A: Mintable is a utility-focused marketplace, with every feature dedicated to improving the NFT trading experience. Our team has pioneered gasless minting, batch minting, and credit card purchases of NFTs. 

In 2021, Mintable announced the backing of a list of high-caliber investors, including renowned venture capitalist and television personality, Mark Cuban; Sound Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary; and TIME Ventures, the investment fund for Marc Benioff. 

Mintable provides a range of features and services to support the buying and selling of NFTs, including secure storage, trading, and the ability to easily manage and track the value of NFTs in the marketplace. These features and services enable our users to seamlessly and securely engage in NFTs, providing opportunities for artists and creators to monetize their work and for users to trade and collect NFTs.

Q: How does the company (Mintable) collaborate with Ripple?

Users will now be able to buy, sell, and mint NFTs on the XRPL securely with ease and cost efficiency. Our partnership with Ripple, the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, will bring creators and developers together to enable the creation of high-quality NFT projects and provide a no-code solution for independent creators on the XRPL.

Q: What’s next on Mintable’s roadmap?

A: Mintable's roadmap includes several key milestones, including the integration of new features and tools for creators, artists, and collectors and the expansion of its community and partnerships. Some specific goals on the roadmap include:

  • Introducing new tools and features: Mintable will continue to develop new features and tools to make it easier for creators and artists to mint and manage their NFTs and for collectors to discover and purchase unique digital assets.

  • Building partnerships and expanding the community: Mintable seeks to establish partnerships with other platforms and organizations in the NFT space and is working behind the scenes to grow its community of creators, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

  • Expanding the platform: Mintable continues expanding its platform's capabilities, including supporting new blockchain protocols and adding support for more types of digital assets.

Overall, Mintable's roadmap is focused on providing a user-friendly and versatile platform for the creation, sale, and trade of NFTs and building a vibrant and engaging community of creators, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Why XRP Ledger?

Q: Mintable has committed to integrating the XRP Ledger for its users. Can you share more on why the XRPL’s performance advantages make it ideally suited to support Mintable’s mission?

A: Mintable’s mission is “to reimagine the NFT experience so that NFTs become a part of daily life.” The XRPL is integral for the adoption and scaling of NFTs on marketplaces. It is a battle-tested and highly secure blockchain that addresses NFT adoption barriers related to security and sustainability concerns. 

By adopting one of the first major blockchains to be certified carbon-neutral, our integration with the XRPL addresses one of the most significant barriers — environmental impact. 

Another significant barrier for NFT creators and collectors is gas fees on major L2 blockchains. As a comparison, transactions on the XRPL take just 3-5 seconds to process and cost just a fraction of a cent – so cost-effective that it’s virtually free! The XRPL’s low fees and high throughput provide users, creators, and developers with a more sustainable and scalable alternative blockchain for NFTs. 

Q: What use cases will Mintable help to unlock once integrated with the XRP Ledger?

  • A sustainable, more cost-effective option for NFT creators and collectors: NFT creators and collectors can now mint and transact on the first major carbon-neutral blockchain. The XRPL enables users to sustainably mint, buy, and transfer NFTs at extraordinary scale. 

  • Launch your NFT project on XRPL: We’ll continue working further with Ripple to bring more creators, developers, and people into Web3 through the simplicity of NFTs on Mintable, powered by the XRP Ledger. 

Q: What’s one takeaway you want our readers to know about Mintable?

A:  We are committed to supporting and being a guiding light to our users, creators, artists, buyers, and traders to maximize their success through a seamless NFT experience.

Learn how you can launch your NFT project on the XRP Ledger or visit Mintable for more information.

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