Ripple Labs Tech Talk: An Introduction to Codius


Ripple Labs CTO Stefan Thomas and software engineer Evan Schwartz present Codius.

As part of an ongoing initiative to better educate the broader community about Ripple technology, behind the scenes developments, as well as our take on the industry at large, Ripple Labs will be releasing a series a tech talks, the first of which is an introduction to Codius.

The tech talk was presented by CTO Stefan Thomas and software engineer Evan Schwartz to a full house on November 20, 2014 at Around the World in 5 Seconds, a special night of demos and celebration at Ripple Labs headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

Codius is a platform developed by Ripple Labs that enables smart contracts technology. But from a broader perspective, it’s a framework for developing distributed applications, what we call “smart programs.” In this tech talk, you’ll learn about:

  • Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
  • Codius as the ecosystem for smart programs
  • The future of autonomous applications



Learn more about Codius:

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