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The Genesis of Swell by Ripple

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There’s no question – it’s building…

On the horizon, a revolution in the way the world moves money is building. The advent of blockchain initiated the swell but it’s the financial institutions and payment providers around the world who are applying the technology to solve customer dissatisfaction with global payments that are driving its crescendo.

These players recognize their massive opportunity with blockchain to serve escalating customer demands for instant, highly reliable, low-cost global payments and differentiate their businesses at a decisive moment in time.

For once the blockchain wave crests, there will be those on top and those crushed by it.

Our customers, members of RippleNet, have been asking us for the past year to create a forum for them to connect to other members to further grow the network, and to hear pointed industry commentary on the future implications of blockchain and digital assets.

Sibos is the place for the leaders in banking to come together. We’ve sponsored Sibos the past two years and are sponsoring again this year. But, we realized we couldn’t meet our customers’ requests and our event vision on the exhibitor floor in a booth.

Meet Swell by Ripple – featuring complementary programming to Sibos, an inside look into our industry perspective, and an opportunity for banks, their corporate customers and payment providers to meet in one place to advance the world of payments.

As we announced yesterday, Swell will be a gathering place for RippleNet members and prospects to learn from each other’s use cases and co-develop new services leveraging the power of blockchain. It’ll also feature thought-provoking speakers and content from banking, payments and technology to offer perspective on practical applications of blockchain and digital assets today. Swell also welcomes RippleNet customers and prospects not attending Sibos.

As our co-founder and executive chairman Chris Larsen says with regard to blockchain, “you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.” Blockchain is the future of payments. We’re excited for the opportunity to host our customers for productive discussions about how we can collectively build toward the Internet of Value, in which the world will be able to move money as easily as it moves information today.

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