Instarem is leveraging Ripple Payments to streamline internal treasury operations for Instarem and their global SME customers.

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Cross-Border Payments


Reduce frictions associated with treasury management to increase working capital and streamline operations


Instarem, the payments arm of Nium, began leveraging Ripple Payments in 2018 to reduce friction in cross-border transactions for their remittance customers. Now, Instarem is building on their partnership with Ripple to streamline treasury operations internally and for their SME customers.

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Our customers are across 40 different geographies and all parts of the world where we serve, so being 24/7 is almost expected. Ripple fits very nicely with that whole notion, and speed is one of the strengths that Ripple brings to the table.

Yogesh Sangle

Yogesh Sangle
Head of Instarem

Real-time settlement and 24/7/365 availability

With Ripple’s global payout network—which represents more than 90% of the global FX market—Instarem and their SME customers can dramatically reduce the operational overhead associated with treasury management like cash pooling or deciding between wire transfer vs direct deposit. Capital can be moved between bank accounts 24/7/365 with real-time settlement.

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