Travelex Bank accesses new markets and customers with Ripple Payments.

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The first domestic exchange bank to be approved by the Central Bank of Brazil, Travelex Bank provides foreign exchange and payments services for customers worldwide

Cross-Border Payments


To expand into new corridors and provide customers a superior global payments experience


With Ripple Payments, Travelex Bank can offer more affordable payment methods and deliver near instant settlement to streamline global payments management while providing 24/7/365 access to liquidity. In just one year, Travelex Bank gained ten new clients by connecting to Ripple’s global payments network — which covers more than 90% of the FX market.

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Ripple brought us payment solutions that upgraded us to a new direction in our payments, creating faster processes and enabling new integrations with our customers.

João Manuel Campanelli Freitas

João Manuel Campanelli Freitas
Executive Vice President of Travelex Bank

Simplifying foreign exchange

Founded in 1976, Travelex aims to simplify their customers’ access to international currencies. Travelex operates in more than twenty countries as one of the market’s leading specialist providers of foreign exchange products, solutions, and services for commercial banks, central banks, global financial institutions and more. Travelex also offers remittance services and global money transfers worldwide.

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