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Designing a Career Path

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Just as April ushers in feelings of renewal and energy with the start of Spring, this month also signals one of Ripple’s favorite programs: Development Month. To support employees, we have built a Learning and Development program to ensure all Ripplers have the tools, guidance and programs needed to succeed at Ripple and beyond.

It all starts with an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Each Rippler receives a ‘Design Your Path’ workbook to assess where they are now and identify where they would like to focus their efforts for the year in order to create an action plan. We also provide 1:1 career coaching for any employee who wants to work with a certified coach as they are drafting their IDP.

Once a plan is in hand, Ripplers can also take advantage of additional learning experiences throughout the year, to optimize their impact:

  • Global Leader Summit

    – This event brings together Ripple’s leadership staff from around the world for conversations about the future of payments, how to better serve our customers, and how our personal identities shape us as leaders.

  • The Empathy Series

    – With empathy being an essential skill for all roles, we’ve created a three-part series to foster stronger working relationships across the organization, even when separated by distance.

  • Engineering Boot Camp

    – We hire many engineers who are new to payments and blockchain, so we often hear that engineering at Ripple is different. Engineering Boot Camp gets our engineers familiar with the unique challenges they’ll be solving in their new roles.

  • Learn from Industry Experts

    – Throughout the year, we host several classes taught by leading technologists and internal rising stars in a variety of fields from blockchain and digital assets to finance, government relations, and more.

  • Working Globally

    – By nature, our business is global. Collaborating well across borders and learning from colleagues working in different countries around the world helps us become better global citizens.

And, while these programs are well-regarded, the highest value learning experiences come day-to-day from being a part of a world-class, talented team working on solving global problems at scale.

Want to learn more about working at Ripple? Check out our culture page.

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