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Fintech as a Force for Good: 2022 Ripple Impact Report

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Today, Ripple is publishing its inaugural 2022 Ripple Impact Report. Since the program was established in 2018, Ripple Impact has focused on being a force for positive change for both people and the planet. In just four short years, Ripple Impact has achieved resounding milestones and developed global partnerships with some of the world’s leading NGOs and universities—all of which will solidify the program as it continues into its fifth consecutive year.

The report dives into Ripple Impact’s four key impact areas—and respective partners—including: financial inclusion, climate action and sustainability, blockchain research and education, and employee impact. 

Notable 2022 Impact Numbers:

  • $170M+ in donations since 2018

  • $100M committed to scaling carbon markets 

  • 182K tons of high-quality carbon credits acquired

  • $80M committed to blockchain education, research and scholarships

  • 50 global university partners reached

  • 78% employee participation in giving and volunteering programs

Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a core tenant of Ripple’s vision to unlock greater economic opportunity for everyone, everywhere. Last year, Ripple Impact continued to support and collaborate with organizations like Mercy Corps Ventures on pilot programs that explore how blockchain and crypto can transform the way financially excluded or underserved communities access and participate in financial services.

Climate Action and Sustainability

In May 2022, Ripple announced a $100M commitment to invest in scaling global carbon markets through blockchain technology—more specifically, the tokenization of high quality carbon credits on the XRP Ledger—into the carbon markets industry. Other Ripple efforts to support global climate goals made notable progress including the path to reaching carbon net-zero by 2030. 

Blockchain Research and Education

Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) was established to support future generations of blockchain developers through partnerships with the likes of Morgan State University and the network of Historically Black College and Universities. In 2022, over 1,000 academic blockchain research projects were passed, and UBRI added five new university partners, bringing the full network to 50 universities across 20 countries. With such success, Ripple Impact’s funding commitment to blockchain education was increased from $50M to $80M. 

Employee Impact

Last year, Ripple’s employee giving program reached a milestone of $1M raised for nonprofits globally. Employees volunteered with partners like Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and donated to humanitarian aid groups responding to the crisis in Ukraine—of which Ripple matched employee donations at 200%. Finally, 78% of employees participated through giving or volunteering, the highest participation rate to date. 

While celebrating this success is important, the report also helps provide benchmarks to measurably progress Ripple Impact into the future. 

Explore the web version of the Ripple Impact Report or check out the full PDF to learn more.

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