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Introducing the Ripple and XRP Video Series

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The establishment of an Internet of Value — where money can move like information — will be the ultimate culmination of Ripple’s story.

It’s a story we’re writing every day using blockchain powered solutions that changes how money moves around the world.

Financial institutions are increasingly looking to be a part of this journey, from the recent announcement of 61 banks in Japan who will use Ripple’s technology in a mobile payments app, to the six financial institutions who are piloting the use of XRP in their cross-border payment flows through xRapid.

Today, we’re excited to release the “Ripple and XRP” video series to highlight how Ripple got started, what inspired the notion of the internet of value, Ripple’s product vision and roadmap and how XRP stands out as being the best digital asset for payments.

The seven-part series features Chris Larsen, Brad Garlinghouse, David Schwartz, Stefan Thomas and Asheesh Birla. We’re excited to share our story with you.

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