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Raising the Bar on Talent at Ripple

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There’s never been a dull moment in the crypto industry, and the Ripple Leadership team, from the very beginning, has embraced the unknown. From quickly scaling a global startup to securing a victory against the SEC, Ripple is dedicated to building a company that tackles challenges head on, supports in-house talent, and ultimately, grows intentionally. 

Hiring and retaining top talent is a no-brainer in one of the fastest-growing industries globally. Ripple’s culture — centered on fostering innovation and not being afraid to take risks — sets it apart from others. With over 900 employees and 15 offices worldwide, this unique culture is the cornerstone of what has shaped the company since its founding in 2012.  

Success is recognized through a multitude of programs, culminating in a Leadership team and board of directors that looks to uplevel strong employees within the company – across levels – as the next generation of leaders, not just hiring from outside to fill top spots. This has led to approximately 20% of employees today that have worked at the company for four years and above. 

In a relatively nascent industry, blockchain and crypto expertise is paramount for companies looking to build real-world utility, and thus many employees are choosing to grow their careers for the long-haul here at Ripple.

Ripple Promotes Two Seasoned Leaders to its Executive Team 

As such, Ripple is proud to announce the elevation of two seasoned executives to its Leadership team.

Mariel Kelley — former VP of People and Places — was promoted to Senior Vice President as her laser focus on company culture and commitment to its values has been key to Ripple’s global expansion efforts with new hires and offices.

Jon Bilich joined Ripple in 2016 as a Director and quickly rose through the ranks, before his recent promotion to Chief Financial Officer. As Ripple CFO, Jon is responsible for keeping the company on track to meet its financial and business goals across the world.

“They’re raising the talent bar at Ripple, both in what it means to be a leader and also what it means to be a Rippler,” says Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse.

Bilich and Kelley are just two examples that highlight the importance of investing in great talent and encouraging up and coming leaders.

Cultivating a Culture that Levels Up

Ripple walks the walk to establish tangible programs that celebrate and empower employees for their hard work and growth. 

On an annual basis, Ripple recognizes and rewards 10 employees for embodying the company’s values—Live It, Enjoy It, Get It Done, Go For It, Own It, and Say It. The winners are nominated by their peers for taking initiative, setting and achieving audacious goals, or being a team player who brings people together.

Through investment in professional development initiatives like individual Learning and Development budgets, educational curriculum, and the Individual Development Plan Program, employees can own and determine their career paths at Ripple and beyond. 

A Dynamic Team Building Breakthrough Blockchain Solutions

2024 promises to be a breakout year for blockchain and crypto utility, especially within financial services. Financial leaders increasingly recognize the transformative potential of blockchain for business as real-world use cases gain traction and pro-innovation regulations take shape.

With a culture that continues to evolve to best serve its employees and the company vision, Ripple is poised to make the Internet of Value, enabling the world to move value with the same ease and speed as information, a reality. 

Join the Ripple team to build real world value and transform the future of finance.

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