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Life Runs on Ripple.

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Powering Global Payments for All

Global payments should be easy. That’s why hundreds of banks and payment providers around the world use Ripple’s technology to provide a faster, more reliable payments experience for their customers.

Why Financial Institutions Run on Ripple

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Send money to loved ones and businesses abroad, even in remote areas.

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Track payments at every step of the journey and confirm receipt.

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Payments arrive within minutes, not days—when they’re needed most.

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Low Cost

Savings may be passed onto customers, offering competitive rates and lower fees.

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These Local Institutions Run on Ripple

Life Runs on Ripple:
Sarinya's Story

Families like Sarinya’s rely on money from loved ones abroad. Ripple is focused on addressing the needs of Sarinya and millions of others around the world. Hear her story.

What is Ripple?

Ripple offers the world’s most accessible global payments network. Your financial institution may send payments through Ripple’s growing network of 300+ providers to ensure instant delivery, reliably and affordably to all corners of the world.

Some of these financial institutions use the digital asset XRP on Ripple’s network to further improve services and reduce costs.