For instant, certain, low-cost international payments


Ripple enables banks to increase efficiency in their existing payment processes and create differentiated products and services for their customers.

Real-Time Payments With No Settlement Risk

Using Ripple’s solution, banks can coordinate funds movement across multiple ledgers to remove all settlement risk and minimize delays in the payment process. Having global reach through many nostro accounts is no longer necessary.

Flexible Liquidity Provisioning

Expand reach to new corridors with Ripple through more efficient liquidity sourcing. Either leverage existing nostro accounts for high-volume corridors that have competitive FX rates or utilize a marketplace of third-party liquidity providers.

Lower Operational Costs

With Ripple’s bidirectional messaging, banks can validate transactions before funds are transferred and confirm delivery of funds, ensuring high Straight-Through Processing rates, low returns and negligible tracking and reconciliation effort.

Use Cases

Through one simple integration, Ripple provides instant access to its growing network, opening new corridors and revenue-generating use cases.

Corporate Disbursements

Banks can offer real-time, on-demand, completely traceable and data-rich international payment services to their corporate customers, allowing them to achieve superior working capital management, high Straight-Through Processing rates and automatic reconciliation.

Retail Remittances

Ripple enables banks to provide a low-cost remittance service with a drastically improved customer experience. With Ripple, banks can offer their customers real-time remittances with up-front visibility into rates and fees, payment status tracking and delivery confirmation.

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