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Enable Real-Time Cross-Border Payments Across 55+ Countries

Banks join RippleNet to process cross-border payments in real-time with end-to-end tracking and certainty. Available in 55+ countries across six continents, RippleNet makes it easy to connect and transact across a robust network of financial institutions. With RippleNet, banks can expand payment offerings into new markets that are otherwise difficult or expensive to reach.

Benefits for Banks Joining RippleNet

New Revenue
Meet customer demands for global reach with ease
Lower Costs
Reduce total transaction costs with fewer liquidity requirements
Consistent Experience
Rely on RippleNet’s Rulebook for rules, standards and governance
One Integration Point
Plug in once to transact with any other RippleNet member

Opportunities for RippleNet Members

Secure a greater share of cross-border payments volume. For the first time, banks can help global companies send on-demand payments around the world without fail.
Increase your share of the large and growing remittance market. Ripple helps banks’ customers send money to their loved ones in many emerging markets like Mexico, the Philippines, and India, to name a few.
Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments cover

Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments

71% of SMEs believe cross-border payments are problematic. Could your services be the exception? Get a deeper look at the growing, underserved global SME market and how banks can finally tap this high-growth revenue opportunity.

Who Runs on RippleNet

Where Do You Want to Expand Your Payment Services?