Tap into new revenue opportunities

Real-Time Global Payments Across 27 Countries

Banks join RippleNet to process cross-border payments in real time with end-to-end tracking and certainty. Banks can expand payments offerings into new markets that are otherwise too difficult or expensive to reach.


New Revenue

Meet customer demands for global reach with ease

Lower Costs

Reduce total transaction costs with fewer liquidity requirements

Consistent Experience

Rely on RippleNet’s Rulebook for rules, standards and governance

One Integration Point

Plug in once to transact with any other RippleNet member bank



For the first time, banks can help global companies send on-demand payments around the world without fail. The opportunity: secure a greater share of cross-border payments volume.


Ripple helps banks’ customers send money to their loved ones in many emerging markets like Mexico, India and Thailand, to name a few. The opportunity: increase share of this large and growing market.

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Calculate Cost Savings and New Opportunities

Banks enjoy considerable savings through an efficient way to process and settle global payments – to the tune of 60% on average – opening doors to new revenue opportunities. See related article.

Use the sliders below to customize the analysis using your bank's volume and operational metrics.

# Of Annual Transactions
10k 100k 100M 1M 10M
Annual Transactions Value
$5M $200M $5T $5B $200B

Ripple can save your bank

per payment*

Annual Savings of

*Savings may be greater for micro-payments.

How to Join RippleNet

Send Payments

Banks that rely on external liquidity providers to send payments overseas must establish, maintain and integrate across many correspondent banking relationships. With one access point, banks can use RippleNet to easily send payments around the world at a low cost.

Recommended Solution


Offers a standard interface to originate global payments over RippleNet.

  • Key Features
  • One simple API to reach new markets
  • Instant settlement and confirmation
  • Complete fee transparency
Learn More About xVia

Process Payments

Banks using their own liquidity to send international payments face high operational costs, uncertainty, low visibility into nostro balances and long response times. Ripple allows these banks to improve their customer experience while lowering operational costs.

Recommended Solution


Enables banks to message, clear and settle payments with light integration efforts and end-to-end tracking.

  • Key Features
  • Bidirectional messaging with rich data
  • Real-time atomic settlement
  • Standardized rules, formats and processes
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Case Studies

ATB Financial – Reisebank Real Money Transfer

Watch a live transaction of $1,000 from ATB Financial in Canada to Reisebank in Germany, taking place over RippleNet.

View Case Study
Santander Launches New Payment App With Ripple

Santander becomes the first U.K. bank to use xCurrent for real-time cross-border payments, through its new mobile application.

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