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Designing the New Ripple Logo

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Ripple Logo

Ripple has come a long way in the last couple of years. We began as a consumer facing startup, which was when the original logo was designed. Today, we’re an enterprise company. Given all these changes, it was high time the logo got a refresh.


The new logo addresses a couple primary issues. The new font (LL Brown) isn’t as heavy and is easier to read at small sizes. We adjusted the gradient colors so that they were lighter and drew the eye across the logo. We also improved the balance between the word mark and the triskelion.

Building the Triskelion

Building the triskelion.


The new logo in action.

The Ripple logo was originally designed to represent the connected and distributed nature of our solutions. Our logo redesign added some life and color to the logo and helped with legibility and balance. By keeping the original intent of the logo intact, we retained our brand equity while creating a mark that is more functional and timeless.


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