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Driving Bold Innovation in APAC: Fiona Murray Lives It

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Fiona Murray’s five year journey at Ripple has truly been something to behold. She began her career at the Ripple London office as a Sales Director building new customer relationships across Europe. As Ripple continued to expand and opened up an office in Singapore, a position as Head of Sales for APAC became available.

With the reputation she’d developed as an expert in her field, Fiona made the bold choice to pursue the position and was soon packing her bags to move across the world with her family.

“Ripple was super supportive of my ambition. They saw that energy, that excitement and that focus from me, and decided to give me the opportunity to prove it.”

The crypto industry moves fast, and Fiona hit the ground running once she settled into life in Singapore. While she and her team are excited to be on the cutting edge of innovative new technologies in the APAC region, selling crypto solutions to traditional finance professionals can be somewhat uncharted territory.

Fortunately, the team tackled the challenge straight on with direction from Fiona to embrace Ripple’s “Say It” value through an abundance of transparency and constructive feedback. As a global company with customers from a variety of backgrounds, Ripple prioritizes creating a company culture reflective of those diverse communities.

That’s why Fiona stresses the importance of open communication to her teammates; welcoming diverse perspectives and out-of-the-box ideas is vital to developing the right messaging to potential customers.

“At Ripple, what is the best feeling is that we’re changing the way that people operate and interact with value, and it’s a really bold mission.”

But Fiona isn’t just helping pioneer the future of finance, she’s also paving the way for other women to lead in male-dominated industries.

While Ripple has made it a priority to support career growth and development for all employees, there is still work to be done across the globe. A LinkedIn study found that one in three women in APAC consider gender a barrier to opportunity. Compounding this, almost half of the women surveyed said they struggle to find a balance between work and family.

Fiona shared similar concerns when she went on parental leave after her son was born. But through preparation of her own and trust in her team, Fiona was able to enjoy her time with her family without any added stress itching at the corners of her mind.

“In Sales, your pay is commission-based so it can feel frightening if you’re taking yourself out of your territory for a while. Ripple takes a lot of that concern away.”

Fiona has since been promoted to VP of APAC Sales and continues to drive bold innovation across the region.

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