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Schwartz and Thomas on ILP, XRP and Discovering Bitcoin on StumbleUpon

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Tour de Schwartz is coming to a close this week in Asia. Highlights included: David Schwartz’s keynote at Deconomy in Seoul, where he addressed a packed house, and his participation in an exclusive, innovation-focused panel discussion hosted by the Founders Forum in Hong Kong.

Yet, some of the most revealing moments from his time in the region came during an intimate fireside chat at Slush Tokyo.

Following a workshop on Ripple’s products and the XRP Ledger, Schwartz sat down for a fireside chat with Stefan Thomas, Ripple CTO.

The two discussed how they ended up working in the cryptology space, (coincidently, they both discovered Bitcoin using the website StumbleUpon), the stories behind their unique social media handles and how they would change the development of Bitcoin if they knew what they know now.

Schwartz and Thomas also went on to talk about the importance of development using the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and the XRP Ledger, and the relative merits of proof-of-work vs. consensus. The conversation then wrapped up with the two experts addressing audience questions on the significant role of the broader XRP ecosystem, the adoption of Ripple solutions globally and how the realization of the Internet of Value (IoV) will change the world.

Check out the video of the fireside chat in full below.

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